Help on Smartclub

Need help joining or logging in?

Register Process

When you successfully join the SMARTCLUB (or register) you will receive an sms with a PASSWORD.

This password is like a One-Time-Pin that you will use only once to enter the SMARTCLUB website.

Use the password you have received via sms to login. You will be asked to change the password.

First-Time Login

Use the One-Time-Pin password to login to the website. You will be asked to CHANGE the password

For security reasons, your password needs to be at least 6 characters long and must contain:

  • 1 lower case letter [a-z] and
  • 1 upper case letter [A-Z] and
  • 1 numeric character [0-9] OR a special symbol: ! @ ? # & $ -

Forgot Password

Should you forget the password you can press on the "Forgot password" button under the login form.

You will receive the password via sms

The password can only be used once and you will be asked to change the password to a NEW one.

1. Use the buttons below to login and to join smartclub.


  1. You have typed in the wrong number or password and you have two more tries.
  2. If you use the incorrect details again, the next incorrect attempt will give you one more chance to try. Remember that if this is your first time logging in, to check the OTP password that was sent to your phone first.
  3. Your account will be blocked for 24 hours if the last attempt to login is incorrect. Rather than lock yourself out, do the FORGOT PASSWORD process.


  1. Click on the Forgot passwordbutton.
  2. A pop-up will appear requesting your cellphone number. Type in your number without any spaces or dashes.
  3. You will get one of four alerts. SUCCESS... means you are registered and your details will be sent (remember your password is now unsafe and MUST be changed on when you login again).
  4. The other two alerts will either display that you are not registered / a user / have been deactivated
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The Login to Join / Port Process

This will only appear when you try to LOGIN. It could mean:
  1. You are not registered on SMARTCLUB yet (click on Join SMARTCLUB)
  2. When you click on Join SMARTCLUB a pop-up will appear where you can "Register for SMARTCLUB"
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