About Smartclub

Joining Smartclub is all about getting free rewards! Get even more rewards for being a loyal Smartcall VSP2 SIM card user.

Join us, login every day and get free entries to enter daily competitions to win airtime, data, Smartload credit and shopping vouchers.
Access the latest news, lottery results and weather reports. Play online games and upload your favourite photos to be rated by other Smartclubbers for fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

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 Your entries

No. entries are per day so if you don't login to use them they are forfeited

They will last for 24 hours so be sure to make use of them.

No. You cannot cash in your entries. But you can win various prizes in the competitions so use up your entries to get those prizes

Via SMS... we will send jokes, quotes and airtime via SMS straight to your phone. Isn't technology great!

Click away... Your prize is just a spin or click away so the more times you enter the greater your chances of winning.

There are 4 different types of member "levels"". Overall though all Smartclubbers will get free entries every day to use on the competition games. CLICK HERE to see what rewards you get as a Smartclubber.

 Terms and Conditions

Anyone and everyone! But you must be at least 18 years of age to enter the competition.

Anyone under the age of 18. Directors, members, partners, employees, contractors and consultants of the Promoter and any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by the Promoter, as well as any person who supplies goods or services in connection with the competition, and all of the aforementioned persons immediate families and life partners may not enter the competition and shall not be eligible to be awarded any prizes in the competition.

Glad you asked... Each competition has their own Terms and Conditions - you will need to click on the "T's & C's" links on each one to read them and understand what is entailed.

You can enter as many times as you want, whenever you want, wherever you want on mobile phone or on PC. So use up your entries to get those prizes.

Unsubscribing is very easy. Go to your Account Options when you are logged in and deactivate your account. You will never lose your number, you will just not be able to access the competitions.

 Losing airtime If you have an unusually high phone bill, or your airtime is disappearing check if WASP services are the problem.

- Send an SMS containing “STOP ALL” to 31050:
If you are subscribed to WASP services, you should receive the response indicating that your request to unsubscribe has been received. You should then receive messages confirming that you have been unsubscribed.

Dial *117#
- Select option 11 (Next)
- Select option 7 (Unsubscribe)

- To block all future WASP subscriptions dial “135” to talk to a customer care consultant

There are three separate USSD strings to manage premium content subscriptions. Access each one to check if you are subscribed to a WASP:

Dial *464*970# (to view if you have any services)

You can also block premium-rated services by following the steps below:

Dial *123#
- Select option 1 (Manage my subscriptions)
- Select option 1 (View / Cancel Subscriptions)

Dial *155*
- Select option 1 (View / Cancel Subscriptions)

Block all WASP subscriptions using the Telkom app:
- Log into the app and navigate to:
- My Products > Manage > Protect Your Mobile Number, and set it to “On”.

- Use the USSD string *133*1# to block all existing and future content billing.

- You can also select the “Block My Number” option on this USSD menu to prevent your SIM from being subscribed to WASP services.


Yes. As a SmartCall VSP2 Customer you are entitled to a certain number of free entries every day.

You will only be charged once your free entries are used up. There is a double opt-in system, so you will only pay when you accept the charge by replying to the sms.

Once your free entries are used up, a price appears under the competition. When you click on the "Enter" or "Spin" buttons a pop-up will appear with an "Are You Sure". When you click Yes, your cellphone will receive an sms with a request to confirm the transaction. Reply with a Yes and your entry will go through for the competition.

Entry costs depend on the competitions. Prices are displayed under each competition once free entries are used.

Yes of course. We use the double opt-in system which means even though you accepted the billing on the website, you HAVE to actually reply to the sms we send you with a YES or NO - the sms is free. So until we get a YES from you, you will not be billed for the entry.


Via SMS... we will send jokes, quotes, airtime and bundles via SMS straight to your phone. Isn't technology great!

No. You cannot cash in your prizes. If you win SMS or airtime or data bundles, your number will be automatically topped up with the value you won.

It all depends on the competitions you are entering.

Because of the high volumes of competition entries at certain times of day, the prizes could get to you immediately or take a couple of hours. So please be patient. If you do not get it within a day please email us so we may assist you.