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Let's have some fun! Play games to earn SCOIN. Earn SCOIN to play games.

  • Smartclubbers will get their first 500 SCOIN for free.
  • Earn 2 SCOIN per day that you login.
  • Login for a full week and earn a bonus of 5 SCOIN.
  • Each game you play may earn you different amounts of SCOIN
  • Only registered Smartclubbers can benefit from SCOIN rewards.

Note: Current and new Smartclubbers receive 500 SCOIN once-off to start playing the games. SCOIN will be forfeited if there is no activity of use within 90 days.

Scoin Games

Did you know?
You can earn various amounts of SCOIN in the games you play. So either Login now or become a Smartclubber to play games and earn SCOIN!

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Online Games

Online Games

If you have some time on your hands, join the club and start having some fun. You'll have your own scores on the leaderboard to compare with other Smartclubbers.

USSD Games

USSD Games

Use the USSD string and play for sayings SMS'd to you. Based on results you also stand a chance to win awesome airtime prizes ranging from R5 to R1100 with Smartcall.